Real Estate as a Platform.


In the real estate market, the best workflows are the ones that have the highest efficacy and overall return on investment. Workflows can be made up of few or many services integrated together to ensure a seamless transition from one to the next.

With a growing list of real estate focused companies offering a mix of physical and digital services, it has become increasingly more difficult to utilize them in a meaningful and data-driven way.

That is why we built RaaP — a platform developed from the ground-up to optimize and modernize real estate workflows.

One stop. Services.

Services today still operate independently from any particular workflow, requiring the agent to navigate through many frictions of integration and management. Not to mention the operational and maintenance cost needed to sustain such workflows in the long run.

We believe that an agent only needs to focus on selecting the appropriate services to be used however they see fit anyplace anytime, while we take care of the rest.

One place. Data.

One of the essential aspects of any workflow is its data. Ensuring that data stays consistent and up-to-date can be tedious and prone to errors, especially as it moves through a workflow. In many cases, multiple pieces of data are spread across different services; making it even harder to maintain.

RaaP solves this problem by maintaining a single-source of truth.

For each workflow, RaaP provides a single dedicated container to store all the necessary information of a property. The container is made up of individual blocks representing each aspect of the house.

For example, the media block maintains all the necessary assets that have to do with photography and video, while the specification block maintains floor plans and room details, and so on.

With RaaP managing different services and all their respective data, it frees the agent to focus on the services that matter and ensuring an efficient workflow.

In the wild.

RaaP currently underpins and powers the letsbutterfly™ web application enabling brokers, agents, services and clients to integrate, automate, and execute workflows easily and efficiently.

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